Integrated Wellness practitioners may request that you complete one or more of these forms before your initial consultation or in preparation for a specific treatment.

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BeautyTek Consent
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Every treatment and modality is unique because it is customized for the needs of each client. However, there are certain things that are common. Before you start, your practitioner will ask you about your goals and expectations. You will also be asked about your health history. Together you and your practitioner will create a session plan to focus on your problem areas.

It is very hard to say. Every person is unique and will respond in their own way to treatments. It may take one session, or it may take many. You will need to talk to your practitioner about that after they’ve had a chance to evaluate you. If you have a special concern, leave us a message, and someone can call you before your appointment to talk about it.

We do encourage a maintenance program for your whole body.

It is important to know that your modesty will be protected at all times. Wear comfortable clothing, preferably cotton/organic fibers. For most treatments you will be clothed.

Any treatment that you find under the massage section will require for you to disrobe. We will keep you covered with a sheet and blanket at all times. Only the area being worked on will be uncovered, such as an arm or your back.

Yes, we do encourage you to share with us any changes in your medical history. We also welcome you to notify us if you have had any medical procedure, including elective procedures, and or hair-removal services.

Cash, Checks and any credit card. We also accept gift certificates issued by Integrated Wellness.

If you have a doctor’s prescription we will be happy to supply you with a super bill to submit to your insurance company.

However, it is pretty rare for insurance to cover alternative treatments. We suggest you call the Customer service number on your insurance card to see if they provide alternative coverage that you are eligible and if so, what benefits do you have. If your insurance does not cover you at this point, call us and leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Appointments cancelled without 24hours notice will be charged the full price of your session.